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The Club FAQ's

We've listed some commonly asked questions below. If you have a question not on the list, please get in touch.


  • How do I gain access?
    Once you join The Club, you will be sent details of how to join our Facebook group and log into our online portal. From there you will be able to access everything you need. You can join here.

  • How much time do I need to be involved?
    In this membership, you get to choose how much time you want to put towards your personal development. All activities are optional and you can select which ones will add the most value to your situation. Our Q&A sessions and case studies will run for approximately 45 minutes each. You will need to submit questions in advance for the Q&As. You can also choose to contribute to the Facebook group as much as you want.

  • Do I have to be in Australia to Join?
    This program is run completely virtually so you can be part of it from anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection and access to Zoom to participate in our live link ups.

  • How much does it cost?
    The Club membership is an annual fee of $425 including GST. Or you can pay monthly at $37.50 including GST a month.

  • Is there a corporate rate?
    This membership is designed for individuals in the marketing industry. If you are a corporate wanting to register over 10 of your team as members, please get in touch and we can help.

  • How do I pay?
    Our clever system will take your payment online and automatically renew your payment at your selected time interval (monthly or annually).


  • What is a Q&A Session?
    The Q&A Sessions give you the opportunity to have your specific question answered by our panel of expert marketers. We have selected panel members around the world who will be participating in monthly Q&A sessions. Each month we will advise which panelists will be involved in that session and you are able to submit questions to the panel prior to the session. During the live session, you can log in to the discussion via zoom and see the panel as they answer the questions, plus participate in the conversation.

  • What are the Live Marketing Case Studies?
    We know that marketers love seeing behind the scenes on what campaigns and projects work for other marketers, so each month we are bringing you a specific case study to discover. You can join us online as we hear the case study details and talk to the marketer involved in the campaign. Plus ask your questions live.

  • How do I submit a question for the Q&A Session?
    We will email you in advance of each session and provide you a link to submit your question to the panel. Please ensure you consider who will be on the panel you are attending when submitting your questions. We will do our best to answer all questions submitted and in order to be efficient, may combine two or more similar questions to discuss.

  • What discounts will I receive?
    Members will receive 15% off their ticket to Interactive Minds seminars, The Digital Summit, and an Annual Pass! You’ll be provided with a special code to use for each. From time to time we will also have discounts available that we negotiate with third party providers which will be listed in the member portal.

  • Can I see who else is in The Club?
    All members are encouraged to join the Facebook group in order to interact and participate in the community. You will be able to see who else is involved in this group.

  • What time will the online sessions be?
    We will run the Q&A Sessions and the Case Study Sessions at a variety of times so that as many people as possible can participate. These will change depending on the location of the panel/case study marketer and will generally be held Monday to Friday.

  • Will you save the recordings?
    Yes. We have an online portal where you can log in and catch up on any live sessions that you missed. You’ll be able to see the online Q&A sessions as well as the marketing case studies at a time that suits you.


  • Are there membership terms and conditions I need to be aware of?
    Yes, please refer to them here.

  • Who can I contact for help?
    If at any time you need to contact us, please email [email protected]



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